• Wonky Stars – the showcase!

    Our June meeting and AGM are just a few days away, so it is time to showcase the entries received for our Wonky Star challenge. The winners will be announced at the AGM. Don’t forget to bring your entry along for show and tell.

    The entries are in no particular order. Thank you to everyone who entered!

    Gina's little draw string bag

    1. Gina’s little draw string bag

    Karen W's snowman mug rug

    2. Karen W’s snowman mug rug

    Jaci's Christmas table runner

    3. Jaci’s Christmas table runner

    Sue's wonky star mug rug

    4. Sue’s wonky star mug rug

    Emmy's iPad Wonky Star

    5. Emmy’s iPad Wonky Star

    Laura's Jewellery case

    6. Laura’s Jewellery case

    Kate's Christmas decorations

    7. Kate’s Christmas decorations

    The mystery entry - who does this belong to???

    8. Emme’s pouch

    Sheila's hot water bottle cover

    9. Sheila’s hot water bottle cover

    Carla's cowboy mug rug

    10. Carla’s cowboy mug rug

    Danielle's media pouch

    11. Danielle’s media pouch

    Janine's zip pouch

    12. Janine’s zip pouch

    Bev's Little Red mug rug

    13. Bev’s Little Red mug rug

    McKenna's pillow pet!

    14. McKenna’s pillow pet!

    Karen S's iPad cover

    15. Karen S’s iPad cover

    16. Pokua’s Purse

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