Sunday March 30th Meeting 2014


Last month at the meeting Gina talked about low volume fabrics. What’s a low volume fabric? We liked this article by Rebecca Lynne:


Blocks by Gina

At the March meeting, we’ll be having a 10″ low volume fabric swap. Bring along 10 x 10″ squares of the same print of low volume fabric.  Place them in a zip lock bag with your name on it.  * (Please note that the fabric is to be unwashed).*  You will receive 10 blocks back, made up of different fabrics!  Magic!

Participation is up to you.  If you wish to participate with more than one set of 10 blocks,  you are welcome to do so, just choose a different fabric for each set.  If you have any questions, look on FaceBook where there is lots of chatter  (and photos) about this swap or email Gina or Janine at or

All my bags are packed…

We’re also having a Destashing Suitcase sale at the March meeting! All fabric, sewing notions or sewing related items can be sold at this sale …but must be confined to a suitcase!  You can use any suitcase and make it as attractive as you want.  Or not!  Remember:

  • make sure all items are priced
  • have a container for payment in the suitcase – honour system applies.

All items sold will be paid for by the honour system so that our sewing time is not disrupted!  This is a great time to clear out some of that fabric you’ve never used! The best looking suitcase will be photographed and featured in our next newsletter.  Let’s all get creative!

Meetings begin and 2pm and finish at 6 pm at EJ Scout Hall, Pilgrim Street, South Perth.  We’re looking forward to this meeting.  Hope you are too.

Gina and Janine

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