FMQAL #1 Block preparation

qaygbuttonOur theme for 2014-2015 year is “Sew Free” and we’re kicking it off with a Quilt As You Go Free Motion Quilt-a-long! This will take us through to the end of the calendar year. You can make as many (or as few) blocks as you like. From July to September, we’ll be working on free-motion skills, fillers, patterns and designs, and at the end of the year, we’ll be learning how to join them together. You can create anything from a mug rug to a bag, a table runner, a cushion or even a quilt! The sky is the limit and just depends on how many blocks you want to make. Towards the end of the project there will also be skill shares which should help you put your blocks together into something lovely. If you want to get started at the July meeting, here’s your homework!


You will need to organise: fmqal2solids

  • A range of solid scraps (keep in mind that lighter colours will not show up your FMQ as well, so use mid to stronger tones rather than pastels) 8″x4″
  • Your main colour sashing strips (e.g. white/grey/black, or you may wish to use low volume to sash your blocks) Two x 2.5″x8″ strips per block (I used a Bella solids white jelly roll)
  • Batting scraps, approximately 9″x9″ per block (must be larger than 8″). You should use the same type of batting for all blocks, or a similar loft at least for ease of joining
  • Backing fabric, approximately 9″x9″ per block (marginally larger than your batting is ideal).
  • Matching top and bobbin thread. Higher contrast (e.g. white) will enable you to see your FMQ better.
  • sharp new needle for your machine (around sizes 80-100)
  • darning foot (spring loaded is better)
  • extension table if you have one
  • quilting gloves if you have them (rubber tipped gardening gloves from Bunnings also work and are a lot cheaper to try with if you haven’t used quilting gloves before)
  • sketch pad, ruler, pencil, sharpener
  • chalk pencil / frixion pen
  • practice ‘sandwich’ – batting between two pieces of practice fabric

Block preparation

If you have time, please prepare 2-3 blocks for the meeting.fmqal2rectangle

  • Sew a 2.5″x8″ strip to the long edges (top and bottom) of the solid pastel fabrics. This should create an 8×8″ square.
  • Press seams in toward the darker colour or open.
  • Layer a block, wadding and backing sandwich together.
  • Using your walking foot, stitch in the ditch along the two seam lines.

If you can’t make the meetings, or miss a month don’t worry. We will be posting updates and links regularly so that you can play along at home too.