Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott

Book Review by Emmy Terry

Book coverJelly Roll Quilts provides patterns ranging from beginners to advanced suitable for “Jelly Roll” pre-cut fabrics. The “jelly roll” fabrics may be substituted by cutting 2 ½” strips across the width of fabrics.

I chose to create the “Starlight Express” quilt – a project for the more advanced quilter!!!

The instructions for the background fabric and joining the strips were clear. When cutting my strips into units I ran into trouble and wasted 3 joined strips!!! Due to the markings on the photo (illustrated here),

I marked the 2 ½ inch units at the top and cut accordingly – much to my dismay when I made up the first segment of the star! Lesson learnt! Place your rule parallel with the first 45 degree cut and measure 2.5″ out from this edge

Finished starSecond try worked well but it is critical to ensure the 45O angle is checked constantly and maintained.

When finally joining the star units it is important to measure the triangles (Large and small) and mark the half-way point. The half way points also need to be marked on the star units – this will ensure you maintain accuracy! By doing this it was quite easy to ensure all the units matched.

Here is my completed 1 unit star – I still have 3 more to go!!!


Overall, the instructions provided could be a little more-clear especially with the various star quilts. General tips and pressing instructions are provided for all patterns.

In this case, I think the first block was a learning curve and the next one should be much easier!!!!

This book was provided to Perth Modern Quilt Guild by Capricorn Link. For further information, please see  Can Do books in Australia. 

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