October Meet up

Another really well attended meeting with a few new faces and lots of regulars to welcome them! Everyone found a spot to sew, a cuppa and, if they were lucky, one of the amazing scones with jam and cream….

Emmy provided members with the final installment of the QAYGFMQAL by showing us how to join our quilt as you go blocks together.  In more than one way.  Who knew?  Well, we do now!  For those who missed out on watching Emmy in action with her her reindeer blocks, the tutorial will be uploaded later in the week…


Speaking of QAYGFMQAL, Maire brought her absolutely STUNNING quilt along blocks to show us.  Can’t wait to see the quilt she makes with these, it will be a work of art.


The meeting was abuzz with activity today – there was machine sewing, paper piecing, ironing, binding and even cutting going on, as demonstrated by Michelle.  Be careful with that Amy Butler!


And as usual, show and tell was an absolute delight.  Here are just some of the beauties we saw today.

Kate's delicious WIP

Kate M’s delicious WIP

Kate's Bonnie and Camille charm along quilt top.

Kate W’s Bonnie and Camille charm along quilt top.

Vanessa's swoon blocks.

Vanessa’s swoon blocks.

Sheila's cute little panel quilt.

Sheila’s cute little panel quilt.



And last but not least, Cat’s red and white quilt.

So that’s a wrap for October.  Looking forward to seeing some of you on retreat and hope to see so many of you again at the November meeting.