Spring Retreat – Moondyne Convention Centre


Moondyne convention centre in the Chittering Valley hosted by Peter, Christine and Gypsy. Amazing views of the beautiful Avon Valley in Lower Chittering.


The retreat goddess Jodie – or as she is better known from now on the Queen of Procrastination and her helper Alex did a sensational job organising this retreat!


The queen of procrastination really is a great supervisor!
A new location for all those seasoned retreaters and an excellent first for all the new faces. New skills, new friends and new memories to add to the collection.

Plenty of relaxing, wining and dining, and even a bit of sewing on the side.


The bubbles club was a success so I’m sure it will continue on future retreats.

There was everything from bags, swoon blocks, quilt tops, hexagon hand sewing and pillows to microwave soup bowl holders being created.


Celebratory laps on the completion of those ever tricky swoon blocks were a must.

Have you ever noticed that when you sew alone at home there is no one to clap or cheer when you finally nail something that’s been giving you grief for so long?

Definitely no shortage of cheers between the amazing ladies who joined us this past weekend.

The food was sensational, the company exceptional, massages were oh so relaxing, the location picturesque, the friendships everlasting and the conversations… well, you’ll just have to join us on the next one to find out about those!

I wonder how our retreat goddess will woo us all next time?

Dwellingup in March is our next retreat and by then our wonderful yoga instructor should be back and bending as well we certainly missed our morning yoga sessions Karen!

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