Retreat policy

  1. All communication regarding retreats must be directed through the Retreat Coordinator – they are the first point of contact for any questions, queries or cancellations and are responsible for event organisation and coordination, including outgoing emails and dealing with queries from members. This will prevent any accidental misinformation being divulged.
  2. PMQG Retreats will be advertised via the PMQG site, Facebook and email. The total cost of the retreat will be included in this invitation.
  3. If a non-member wishes to attend a retreat, membership to PMQG must be paid & confirmed prior to booking a position.
  4. All retreats will have a waiting list on the PMQG site for any positions that become available due to unforeseen circumstances. These positions will be offered to the people on the waiting list in order.
  5. When a retreat is opened for booking, a deposit of 50% of total cost of the retreat must be paid for a position at the retreat to be confirmed. This will be paid via Try Booking attached to the email invitation to attend.
  6. Retreat fees are calculated to cover accommodation.
  7. The deposit is non-refundable if a booking is cancelled once it has been confirmed and paid. Members who need to cancel their booking must find a replacement for their position and advise the Retreat Coordinator of same.
  8. Balance of retreat payment must be made by the specified date. If the balance is not paid, the deposit is forfeit and the position will be made vacant and offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  9. In the event of a member being unable to attend the retreat following full payment of fees, the member concerned must contact the Retreat Coordinator as soon as possible, and advise of same.
  10. In addition, it is the responsibility of the member who has forfeited the position to find a replacement; the members on the waiting list (on the PMQG site) are to be offered the position first. If there are no names or no-one on the waiting list can take the position, it may then be offered to other people.
  11. When a replacement has been organised, retreat fees must be dealt with between the two members concerned, i.e. the replacement member will reimburse the forfeiting member retreat fees.
  12. If a replacement cannot be found, the possibility of a full/partial reimbursement must be discussed by the committee (all voting members). This will depend on the circumstances/reasons for inability to attend, and also the retreat venue’s regulations regarding payment.