January Meeting

We had a great turn up for our first meeting of the year, lots of chatting, lots of people walking around, groups huddling, it was a hive of activity.
Everyone hard at work...

Everyone hard at work…

We started off with show ’n tell.  I have lots of pics – I got a new camera for Xmas, so I’m still getting used to it, bear with me and I will come up with some better shots as time goes on!
Swoon at show and tell!

Swoon at show and tell!

Karen discussed American Modern Quilt Guild and we are looking at the pros and cons of joining either as a group.  Karen has been asking east coast guilds if they are enjoying their membership.
It looks like we all would like more discussion on the definition of “modern”.  Please feel free to discuss this on facebook in an open forum.
A big thank you to Serena for doing a skill share on paper piecing.  Serena showed us how to make a butterfly paper pieced and also was kind enough to give us all a pattern she photocopied.  I loved all the different methods people use to finger press!!!
Serena doing some precision folding.

Serena doing some precision folding.

I did a demonstration of the Accuquilt Go Cutter.  This was my personal Go Cutter and I would like to assure you all that I do not have shares in the company and was not trying to flog you all one!  It looks like after the demo – which everyone at the meeting came and had a sticky beak at all fell in love with it.  So, it looks like PMQG will be purchasing one for it’s members to use at meetings.  More at the next meeting on that!
Thanks for the afternoon tea that the ladies made/purchased.
Our next meeting will be on Sunday, 22 February from 2pm-6pm.  In the meantime stay tuned for information about our next retreat, which is due out shortly!