Ah the Wine Tree Retreat …

…how we love thee.


It’s calm and relaxing outdoors … birds are twittering, orchard trees are rustling in the gentle breeze and the kangaroos are silently nibbling at the grass.


Inside, however, it’s all systems go! This is a sewing retreat after all. Machines are chattering (the Sashiko machine is clunking), quilters are chatting and fabric is ripping. It’s a hive of activity!


There’s the triumphant squeal of a project finished (three words: Sew Together Bag), matched only by Gina’s squeal when a snake came to visit us indoors. I had no idea Gina was so nimble … you’ve never seen anyone scale a couch (read high-ground) so quickly!


The Design wall of was a riot of colour and curves, native animals and a style we know only as “That’s very Dee”.


Our problem solving skills were put to the test when one of us *cough* our President *cough* managed to lock herself out of her accommodation … with the keys inside. Oops. But it gave a few of us the chance to relive a misspent youth trying to break in. Question: Can you unpick a door lock with a seam-ripper? Answer: Nope! There was no top/tailing bed sharing necessary though after the master keys were located (whilst looking for a phillips head screwdriver to take the hinges off the door – ha!)

The swappers were beaming when they opened their presents. Whoever says they don’t need another pouch is lying only to themselves … go forth and fill those pouches!


The Mystery project turned out to be a lovely bedside jewelry keep. The perfect item for a sewing retreat – no jewelry was lost on this retreat – thanks to Denise for organising a fun sewing project. Emmy finished hers first … but apparently it wasn’t a race #competitivemuch?


There was a second Mystery Project that none of us knew about. Dee approached each one of us with a handful of fabric pieces and asked us to sew a circle or oval on the piece anyway we wanted using any medium. We all tried to channel our inner-Dee and came up with a lovely variety of circles/ovals. Dee pieced these all together and we presented Jodie with the final mini quilt called “The Circle of Friendship” as a thank you for organising such a wonderful retreat.


All in all (despite the forest walks, massage, yoga, food and bubbles breaks) it was a productive weekend!


Shall I talk about the bubbles club? Best not … as I’m told what happens on retreat, stays on retreat …


…we hope to see you all at the next one!