2022 PMQG Improv Challenge

What is Improv quilting?

An Improvisational Quilt is a quilt made without specific intention. A style of the Modern Quilter, most Improvisational or Improv quilts just begin, not with a concept necessarily, but grows out of improv piecing and develops as the quilter stitches it. Each quilter has their own style, method and motivation.

image from Improv Play by Maritza Soto for MGQ

The Challenge

Using an Improv method create a quilt (anywhere from 30 x 30 cm to whatever you want!) using at least one of the colours from our PMQG logo. 

When is the final reveal?

We will do a show n tell at the March 20th Sit n Sew.  We also encourage progress photos of members to inspire others before the reveal in March!

The aim

The aim of this is for our members to explore the Improv style and have a bit of fun. 

Tips & Ideas

The Modern Quilting Guild has some great resources, including one on combating your fear of Improv!  You’ll need to login to access the resources.  Here are a few link to get you started;

Approaches to Improv

Take the Leap: Facing Your Fears of Improv

for more MQG Improv resources click here (to access the MQG resources you need to be a current PMQG member)

We look forward to seeing your work and the inspiration behind it. 

Happy Quilting

PMQG Committee